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Get a step-by-step plan to grow your healthcare practice, increase your revenue, and decrease the burnout of business ownership.


The Stakes

Don't let your practice fail because you can't overcome the obstacles of private practice ownership. 

When you become a medical doctor or a dentist, you sign up to help people. Still, the realities of business management were somewhat of a mystery. Don't risk DIY or patchwork business operation solutions' stress, frustration, and burnout. An expert healthcare consulting guide can be a gamechanger, providing your patients with a seamless journey and your team with an energized and unified mission.

Dental Practice Strategy


Are you strategically unstrategic?

Developing a practice shouldn't be a mystery. We will help you discover how each of the six critical areas of your business work together to push profit and remove stress.

Messaging in Healthcare - Macbach


Cut through apprehension.

You don't know how to clarify what you do in a way that draws more patients towards your practice. Uncover how to eliminate confusion from your messaging.

Healthcare Marketing - Macbach


It's all in words.

You're wasting a substantial amount of money on marketing that doesn't work. Build a 5-part process that delivers more patients, revenue, and referrals.

Healthcare Communication - Macbach


Invite your patient into a story. 

Every great communicator needs to lead their audience towards a mutually beneficial result. Learn how to craft a message that mirrors your patients' expectations and builds enthusiasm.

Staff Training


Impede interruption.

Gain control over your short and long-term goals. Learn to measure success, train your staff, and find efficiencies. Find a sense of purpose and momentum in your practice.

Leadership in Healthcare


Precision in your decisions.

You've floundered. Reignite disengaged employees through renewed purpose and goals. Learn how to cast your mission and develop a core team around you.

Macbach Healthcare Consulting

Overcome the daily obstacles of business ownership with confidence.

You need to overcome obstacles every day to run a business effectively. Of course, you already know how to practice medicine or dentistry. At Macbach, we offer hubs to give you the information you need in the six core areas of running your business. Unless you picked up an MBA while becoming a doctor, the business side of opening your private practice could be daunting and confusing. Our expert team guides you on an individualized path mapped out for your business success. You already know how to care for your patients; we offer you the information you need to overcome the necessary obstacles for managing a balanced business.

Frustration, patchwork systems, and disconnected advice can make running your healthcare business a lot more complicated than it needs to be. Our experienced team collaborates with you to build a healthy, profitable private practice. All while supporting your passion for patient care and keeping your team energized and focused on your mission.

Stop getting bogged down in the business operations and working yourself toward burnout. Get your business solution today. 


The growth platform your whole practice will love.

Macbach's growth hub platform has all the tools and integrations you need for marketing, sales, operational management, and leadership. Each product in the Hub is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.


Marketing Hub.

You don't have a plan to find new patients.

Nearly every patient looking for a healthcare practice starts their search online. With Marketing Hub, you ensure results. And you will be growing your practice quicker than ever before.

Popular Features

  • Conversion-optimized website
  • Search engine optimization
  • Local listings
  • Google My Business
  • Review generation
  • Reputation management

Sales Hub.

You are not closing the majority of your cases.

Patients want to understand the value of treatment and what outcomes they can expect. Sales Hub seamlessly creates a sustainable and repeatable patient journey, allowing you to close more cases quickly.

 Popular Features

  • Marketing automation
  • Appointment optimization
  • Treatment planning mastery
  • Case presentation training

Operations Hub.

You fear an audit ripping apart the seams.

Healthcare practices need to function at a high level of operational efficiency and follow policy. We engineer a plan and help you execute it to become a master in your day-to-day practice. 

Popular Features

  • Customer service training 
  • Scheduling optimization 
  • Patient feedback and outreach
  • HIPAA/OSHA compliance
  • Information technology
  • Accounting
  • Human resource management

Leadership Hub.

You can't expect greatness because of a lack of motivation.

Your team disengaged due to a lack of vision, opportunity, and motivation. Discover how to cast and deploy a positional mission statement to energize your team and get the entire team excited about growing your practice.

Popular Features

  • Live monthly coaching
  • Culture and accountability
  • Performance evaluation and training
  • Practice valuation
  • Storytelling & mission/core values
  • Transitions, mergers, and acquisitions

Meet your guide

Your path to mastering your healthcare business

Step 1

Step 1

Quickly and conveniently schedule your 30-60 minute consultation with our team.

Step 2

Step 2

Complete our pre-meeting Q&A survey so we can evaluate your current situation.

Step 3

Step 3

Post-meeting, we'll put together a proposal should we determine we're mutually the right fit.

Schedule a 1:1 consultation.

This call will help you create a vision for your practice while determining what inefficiencies we need to work together on to further the growth and development of your practice.


What can I expect?

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Get all questions answered about Macbach 

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What our doctors are saying about Macbach?

We've partnered with hundreds of practices in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Please speak with us today to create a more straightforward, vital message and positioning for your practice. Become the market leader you can be.

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"I'm so thankful for the guidance, and expert advice Macbach has provided for many years. I've been able to grow and scale my practice in a crowded area."

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Stephanie Murphy, DDS

- Practice Owner


"My practice has been working with Macbach for more than four years, and I have grown month-over-month and year-over-year. I couldn't be more pleased!"

Bruce Jay Headshot Testimonials
Bruce Jay, DDS

- Practice Owner